TerraVita Food & Drink Festival Sept. 28 – Oct. 1, 2016

TerraVita has grown into a multi-day celebration that brings together top chefs, food artisans, sommeliers, baristas, brewers, educators, distillers, cookbook authors and industry luminaries from across the Southeast to celebrate culinary excellence and sustainability in food and drink.

We will be adding details in the coming weeks with most information posted by early June. Tickets will go on sale the middle of June. Most of the events sold out last year, so plan to get your tickets early!

Follow us at TerraVita Food & Drink on Facebook or @TerraVitaEvent and @TerraVitaFoodie on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

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Savor delicious edibles from more than 60 outstanding chefs and food artisans from across the region  

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Taste from a selection of more than 100 wines, craft brews, coffees, ciders, juices, spirits and craft cocktails 

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Engage with farmers, scholars, documentary filmmakers, journalists and other industry phenoms to fill your soul


palateThe Local Palate became instantly enthralled with TerraVita, as it is a festival that brings to life what we ardently seek to accomplish on the pages of our magazine: to celebrate the rich and diverse food culture of the South by championing the independent businesses and individuals who work so hard to make our culinary community so incredible. We are honored to be a part of this relevant, important, and extremely fun event.


TerraVita Food & Drink began with a desire to create a festival dedicated to excellence and sustainability in the South, showcasing the very best in food and beverage. Since October 2010, TerraVita has brought together some of the finest biodynamic and sustainably-sourced wines in the world, with organic and local craft brews, coffees, ciders and spirits, and outstanding edibles from some of the best chefs and food artisans in the region. Join us this year and learn more about our mission and devotion to sustainable education and giving back to the community! 

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